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Aromatherapy for a Good Nights Sleep

Insomnia and poor sleep seems to have become the scourge of the modern world. A simple check of your social media channels first thing in the morning will highlight you just how many friends and family are struggling to sleep. If you are in unfortunate enough to suffer yourself, you may also find a community very much awake on social media during the middle of the night. These hapless souls all have one thing in common they are desperate for some good sleep. There are several aromatherapy oils that can help induce a sense of calm and well-being which in turn will contribute to creating the best atmosphere for sleep.




The most common essential oil used to help with sleep issues is lavender. There are various reasons why it works so well.


The properties of Lavender cause the nervous system to relax which in turn has several calming effects on the body. Firstly the heart rate and blood pressure drop to a more relaxed and restful rate. Often one of the reasons why people struggle to sleep is because they go to bed stressed or with their mind very much racing over the things to come the following day. Bringing a state of calm to the body means that the mind struggles to stay so active and has to concede defeat. There are various ways that you can work with Lavender in the bedroom from pillow mist sprays to diffusers however we would recommend that electric diffusers with automatic cut-offs are used rather than candle based diffusers as you are likely to fall asleep and is not safe to leave candles burning.




Again the essential oil lemon can lower heart rate and calm anxiety fairly quickly. These are physiological elements needed within the body to create the serotonin effect required for sleep. As with all essential oil use, it is important you like the smell of the oil you are working with and also understand that different people can react differently. There is a school of thought that suggests Lemon is a stimulant which increases heart rate and therefore would not be suitable so it would be worth experimenting carefully on yourself to see how it works for you.




Being in the citrus family means that this is another oil that can have the same soporific effects as Lemon. Some people do not like the smell, but for others, it helps create the relaxation they need.


These are just a couple of the essential oils that can help relax the mind and the body to create and promote a healthy sleep environment. It is always worth trying a different oil if you do not find the first choice works for you. Remember that bedrooms should be dark and free from electronic equipment. If you are struggling to sleep using a meditation track as well as the essential oils can help you achieve a relaxed state that induces sleep. It is healthier to have a cool bedroom and keep yourself warm with duvets and blankets rather than a heated bedroom, so consider leaving a small window open to allow air to circulate during the night.

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