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Our first chakra is called our root chakra, and is located at our perineum, the base of our spine.

This chakra is all about our survival, security and grounding. It reflects our right to be here, and to have.  Your acceptance of being here on earth and your connection with this.

As this chakra is all about our survival is governs our physical self, it processes information about how connected we are to our body, how we regard our health, our day to day needs such as food, shelter and warmth. Therefore, issues such as our financial security and housing situation, diet and the care we take of our bodies are related to our root chakra.

This chakra is a really important starting point, a foundation. It is where the energy that works its way up through all our chakra’s to make us a fully functioning person starts.  Some try to overlook this chakra or view it as not as important as some of the higher ones.  However, it is essential to our energy's progression up through the other chakra’s that we spend time balancing our first one and tending to our survival needs in a healthy way.

So if it is time to get your finances in order, sort out your security. Eat well, take care of your body then your root chakra is a the place to start.

Our Root Chakra is aligned with the colour red and the element of earth.

Ways in which you can help your Root Chakra are:

  • To use the colour red by wearing it, surround yourself with it
  • Visualise the colour red
  • Do some exercise – move your body
  • Go out and enjoy nature
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Pamper your body, have a relaxing bath or massage
  • Meditation

Essential Oils are a great way to clear our chakra’s, the oils that specifically help our root chakra are:

You can purchase all these at Mood Essential Oils.

I am a Meditation Teacher, I teach sessions online or in the community, I also offer one to one private sessions. Check out my website or get in touch for more information.  

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