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Love the Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon is one of the most versatile essential oils with a vast range of uses and a myriad of health benefits, but not everyone is aware of its remarkable properties so let’s have a look in more detail.

Mood-Boosting Magic

Lemon is one of the citrus group of oils, and these have mood-boosting properties. Lemon oil great for combating the feelings of depression and malaise especially as we head into winter and the evenings are darker earlier, and we see a lot less of the sun for that all-important vitamin D. Having lemon and other oils diffusing in the room can help you feel more positive.

Immune Boosting

Speaking of the winter, this is also the time of year when coughs, colds, and flu do the rounds, and everyone seems to get ill. Trying to stay well can feel somewhat like a mission impossible especially if the kids are at school and returning with every germ under the sun. Thankfully Lemon oil is excellent for removing toxins from the body and is excellent for stimulating the drainage of the lymphatic system.

Clean Hands

If you are adverse to the overuse of chemicals but want to be sure that you are keeping your hands clean, and again, lessening your chances of catching the lovely viruses that are circulating then try washing your hands with lemon oil in the soap. It can also be used as a surface cleaner - which is ideal for door handles, worktops and toilet flush when you are looking to keep the house uber hygienic through the winter months. Chemical free but highly efficient. Mix lemon oil with tea tree oil (40 drops of lemon, 20 drops of tea tree) in a spray bottle and fill with water to make an effective spray cleaner that is safe for all.

Heart Health

Lemon oil and of course organic lemons straight from the farm shop are also thought to help combat cholesterol problems. Acting as a cleaning agent, the lemon can sweep deposits of cholesterol out of the blood vessels which in turn lowers the risk of heart disease.

Skin Care

Adding a few drops of lemon to your favourite face cleansing products could also be great for anti ageing. Oils should never be applied to the skin neat, but you can make your own face wash with many different ingredients and add a few drops of lemon oil. This potent oil can improve your complexion and is very nourishing for the skin.

Pearly White Smile

Lemon is also considered one a natural teeth whitener. By mixing lemon oil with coconut oil and baking soda, you have a perfect homemade toothpaste. Just apply to the teeth and leave for a couple of minutes before rinsing off. It tastes lovely and is a great way to whiten and brighten that smile.

Weight Loss

Adding a couple of drops of lemon juice or a slice of lemon to your water and drinking this three times daily can really help with supporting the metabolism and help you to lose weight.
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