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Healthy Workspace Using Essential Oils

A large percentage of the workforce spends most of their day sitting at a desk.  This might sound ideal as you do not have to tackle the elements or spend hours on your feet, but it can actually cause havoc for our bodies.  Back pain, neck strain and headaches are one of the biggest reasons given for sickness absence from desk-based jobs. Spending an extended portion of the day sitting down is not suitable for our bodies at all.  In order to maintain our health, we need to create a healthy workspace with some simple changes and even a bit of aromatherapy for good measure.

Move More

This can be tricky when you have a stack of work to get through however it is imperative that you move every hour just for a few minutes.  Whether that is going to the bathroom or popping to get a drink, it is essential to move your body to prevent strain on the spine. When you are sat at your desk, you should also try and fidget from time to time, so you are not always sat in the same position.  Try not to cross your legs as this is not good for your circulation but instead your feet flat on the floor, or on a footrest. May premises provide footrests as part of their employee health and safety policy.

Sit Properly

Try and sit in your chair so as for best to take advantage of the back support provided.  There is no point slouching forward or leaning over the desk. Try and sit up straight with your bottom as far back in the chair as possible - no perching on the edge.  If you need some extra support in the lumbar area try a rolled up towel placed in the hollow of your back. It is vital that you have a good sitting position so if you are struggling, ask human resources to provide some help.  Long-term sick is not good for employees or employers, so it is in the companies interest to ensure you are sitting well.

Inhale the Good Stuff

If you can possibly have a window open do so.  This is much better for you than air-conditioning.  All that does is suck in germs from one location and spit them out somewhere else.  If you have to have air-conditioned offices, then be sure to get out often. If you have a lunch break take a 5-minute walk rather than just sitting in the staff room.  Use essential oils to help keep your desk healthy. Combining two oils such as lemon and eucalyptus create a bug zapping, brain-boosting mixture that can really help your days.  You could challenge your bosses (in a nice way) to see if you can have a diffuser in the office, or failing that spritz the mixture (water and oil combined) and spray into the air or onto a tissue so that you can still get the benefits whenever you need them.

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