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What are our Chakras Blog

What are Chakra’s, this is a word that is often used in holistic or spiritual circles, referring to some part of ourselves, but what are they and what do they do?

Our Chakra’s are part of our energy system. The word chakra means wheel or circle, and our chakras are wheels of energy that are located from the base of the spine to the top of our heads. We have our physical body which we are all aware of, this is surrounded by our energy body, which we cannot see but we can feel.  Our energy body is where issues, and illnesses can form before they manifest in our physical body.

We have a total of 114 chakra’s in our body, however there are 7 main chakra’s which we will focus on. These chakra’s draw in life force energy, process and assimilate information. They are an intersection where our mind and body meet, our link between heaven and earth, past and future, and spirit and matter. Each chakra reflects an aspect of our lives, which process’s information specifically this area.  Our chakra’s hold information from our current life, and past lives. They hold our tendencies and creates our habits and patterns. When our chakras are functioning properly, they create a formula for wholeness which then unifies our mind, body and spirit.

Our chakras are designed to be fully open and working together, however they become blocked or slow, or at times working excessively.   Each chakra can affect the working of the others.

To utilise our chakras to their full potential an create harmony in our lives, we need to understand them and the ways in which we can balance them.

Essential Oils are a great tool to use to create energetic changes in our chakra’s. There are specific oils that affect specific chakra’s, you can find out which ones in our Chakra Video’s and blogs.

I encourage you to explore your chakra’s, they are an invisible system we all have that can help you in all areas of your life. Take a journey through your chakra’s and get to know yourself on another level!

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