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Using Mindfulness to understand our mind blog

If you have watched my other videos and read my other blogs on Manifestation and how our mind works, then you may be wondering how to go about making changes to your thoughts and mind patterns.
One way to do this is to first be aware of our thoughts by being mindful. To be mindful is the process of being present, by routing your awareness in the totality of the present moment and feeling it completely. Throughout your day, notice where your awareness is, on your thoughts? Feelings, body sensations. Often our thoughts are on past events, or future ones, possibly stewing over things that have happened or worrying about things that have not. Maybe you send a lot of time thinking about others, or work etc
If you can keep your awareness in the present then you can start to see what kind of thoughts you have consistently, good or bad. This then helps you see what you need to change. It is not easy to keep your awareness in the resent as we are not taught to do so, however it is very powerful. So have a go throughout the day, keep a journal maybe when you notice something significant. Observe yourself, your responses to people and situations. Are these responses serving you, or creating more stress? Are they coming from your past or your present.
If you notice you are having a lot of negative thoughts then let them go, don’t worry about the fact that you have had one, just let go of it. Take your focus to your breath instead, just notice your breath, feel where it is in your body, slow it down, and take nice deep breaths instead. Now change the thought, think of something you are grateful for instead, or something you appreciate about yourself.
Mindfulness is a great tool for the mind and it is a powerful way to observe your thoughts so you can change them.

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