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While exploring the tools to help change your mind set, affirmations is one I have come across and used.
An affirmation is a statement that we make in a positive way and repeated to ourselves. The affirmation goes into our subconscious mind which will accept and believe it to be true. This therefore will allow it to create your reality.
To make an affirmations you need to be clear on the issue that you want to change. You need to decide on a positive statement that represents what you want to think / feel / create. Examples include:
• I am successful
• I am a heathy weight
• I am financially secure
• I am strong
• I am loved
It is really important that you phrase it as if it is already the case and in a positive way. So never use
‘I would like’ or ‘I hope’ or ‘when’ as this is telling your subconscious that you do not have it yet, and the whole point is that you are telling it you have it so it will help you create it.
Do not however use ones that implicate others as that is their life to create. So ‘I am married to David Beckham’ for example is not ok, sadly. ‘I have a happy, loving marriage’ is much better intention.
When you have your affirmation, you can look yourself in the mirror and repeat these to yourself, looking yourself in the eye while you do it is very powerful. You can repeat this to yourself throughout the day in your head. You can say it out loud to yourself. 108 times is an auspicious number to use to repeat this. You could also write these down.
Do this for t least 21 days, as it takes this long to create a new habit.
Have fun with these, it is a really good way to take care of your wellbeing, it is saying to the universe and yourself, I want to make a change in your life, so trust that it will.
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