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Tips for positive wellbeing and self care

Well being is a growing conversation for us all. Our overall wellbeing is affected by our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

In the west we live in a world that has constant demands, a society that expects us to look and behave a certain way,  these expectations become our measure of who we are, and not living up to this create’s stress and anxiety which destroys our wellbeing.

We are also currently experiencing a situation no one could have prepared us for with the Covid 19 pandemic. How we all process and deal with it is different, its stir’s up different issues for us all. It could be being isolated in lockdown, loosing work / money, or having to go out to work with the fear of becoming unwell.

This situation is not one we can control, the only thing we have the power to control is our reaction to it. When our reaction comes from a place of anxiety then we suffer. One thing we can do is to look after our wellbeing. We can give ourselves the time and care we deserve to reduce stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety are two differing things, however they are both caused by our response to life circumstances.  Our bodies respond in various ways, our muscles can become tense, our breathing shallow and rapid, our digestion can slow down, and we can experience exhaustion. The feeling of stress can be stored in every atom of our body, until we do something to release it.

Exercise is a great way to do this, which ever form of exercise you enjoy. Yoga is a great way to help with this.

Our minds produce constant thoughts which are often fear based and do not support our wellbeing. Our circumstances can trigger memories which then stop us from responding from the present and rational state, but from old beliefs or experiences.

Our energy body becomes depleted and we loose our connection with our higher self and sense of inner peace.

The key to start reducing stress and anxiety is to take care of our wellbeing. The intention of self care is really important and will enable you to do it.

  • Breathing well is a really powerful way to calm our mind and gain control of our emotions.
  • Relaxation techniques help to connect our mind, body and spirit to work in harmony with each other. They also give you some inner peace, stop your mind racing and allow you to manage your emotions better.
  • Meditation is a great way to focus your mind, to learn to not be controlled by it.
  • Crystals carry vibrations, which help to give positive energy and clear negative energy. The crystals that are good for reducing stress and anxiety are amethyst and obsidian. These can be worn as jewellery, kept about your person, be in you room, or you can hold them while you relax or meditate.
  • Singing bowls work on sound healing, each different bowl omits a vibration. These help to clear negative energy and create calm and peace within. They also help to distract the mind and quieten it.


  • Aromatherapy oils are very powerful in creating a relaxing and self care environment.
    • Cedarwood, Clary sage and Neroli are great oils for reducing stress.
    • Bergamot is good for anxiety.
    • You can burn these in an oil burner, use one of our diffuser’s. You can add these to a bath, mix a few drops of the oils in a egg up measure of milk, and add to your bath.


Check out my website for more resources to help increase your wellbeing.


Here are some links to useful pages for helping with Mental Health


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