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Our fifth chakra is our Throat Chakra, which not surprisingly is located at our Throat.  This chakra is associated with our communication, truth, growth and creative expression.

It affects our ability to communicate effectively, to feel able to say what we want to say, to stand up for ourselves and speak our truth. Do you feel able to be honest with people verbally?

When you do verbalise your feelings, do you feel heard or validated? How truthful do you feel you can be?

Creatively, are you free to express yourself?

If you want to feel able to communicate freely, and confidently then work on your throat chakra.

Our Throat Chakra is aligned with the colour blue and the element of sound and vibration. 


Ways in which you can help your Throat Chakra are: 


  • To use the colour blue wear it, surround yourself with it
  • Visualise the colour blue
  • Singing or chanting mantra’s is a great way to open our throat chakra
  • Playing music
  • Sound healing
  • Meditation


The Essential oils that benefit your Throat chakra are:


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