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Our sixth chakra is our Third Eye, or sometimes called the Brow Chakra. It is located at the point between the eyebrows. It is called our third eye as it is our inner eye, the place of intuition.

Our intuition is our inner knowing, our awareness and psychic centre. It is with this intuition that we can see our way through situations and find inner wisdom to help us though difficult circumstances. It allows us to see beyond the physical, into another realm where we gain different insights on other dimensions.

If this chakra is not functioning well it can lead to poor judgement, a lack of concentration and an inability to be disciplined. If you are feeling stuck, like you don’t know which direction to go in, particularly around your career, then this is the chakra to work on.

Our Third Eye Chakra is aligned with the colour Indigo and the element of light.


Ways in which you can help your Third Eye Chakra are: 


  • To use the colour indigo wear it, surround yourself with it
  • Visualise the colour indigo
  • Work on your intuition – learn a new intuitive skill
  • Meditation is the best way to work on this chakra and build your intuition


The Essential oils that benefit your third eye chakra are:

You can purchase all these at Mood Essential Oils.  


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