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Spotlight on Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli Oil has quite a strong smell that is like no other. Some people find it a scent they cannot stomach and therefore cannot work with, however often this could be due to heavy-handed use. We find that when used sparingly and diluted accordingly, the resulting smell is rather soothing and well worth getting to grips with as the benefits are many. Today we will discuss this incredible oil and some of the best ways to use it for your health.

Where Does it Come From?

Originating in Southeast Asia the Patchouli Bush is a tropical perennial herb. A small bush that grows pretty pink flowers. Historically it was believed that King Tutankhamun was such a huge fan of Patchouli Oil that he requested he was buried with 10 gallons of it! Modern history also documents the popularity of the oil among those who enjoyed smoking marijuana in the 60s as such was the pungency of the oil it hid the smell from police - although they quickly got wise to this!

The Benefits

Skin Care

Used in a carrier oil, where the smell will be diluted anyway, Patchouli is a fanatic oil for many skin problems. Eczema, teenage spots, and even athletes foot have been shown to improve when the oil is used, It has a cleansing effect on the skin and helps to moisturise the skin enabling it to heal. It is often used in aromatherapy moisturisers as it combines well with other oils to create some amazing skin products.


Patchouli is an oil that falls into both the antiseptic and the anti-inflammatory groups of oils. This means it can be used for conditions like arthritis. Again diluted in a carrier oil, this could be an excellent massage oil for sore joints, but obviously, care should be taken that the condition is soothed not aggravated by heavy-handed work. Gout and fevers also respond well to the healing properties of Patchouli. Because it is antiseptic, the oil is also recommended for wound care.


Daily life can be tough, and as a nation, we have seen a massive upsurge of depression and anxiety issues, it has almost become the scourge of modern living. While many people are prescribed medication, others choose to try alternative routes, and again Patchouli Oil is suitable here. The smell triggers the happy hormones in the brain, and in turn, you feel much brighter. Obviously, we do not recommend anything that causes you to stop medical treatment - but it can be used as an addition. Always speak to your GP before making any changes to medication, and if you are feeling unwell, they should be your first port of call. That said, as an addition Patchouli has been shown to help with sleep, and this is often something people experiencing anxiety and depression need to relearn to do. A restful night general helps the body to regenerate and heal naturally.


Overall Patchouli is an excellent oil for health, and when used correctly and not overpoweringly can help in many situations.

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