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How your mind works blog

So to understand how manifestation works, I had to learn how the mind works, not only because this fascinated me, but because I wanted t know how this concept worked in relation to my thoughts so I could believe it and use it.
So we have our conscious mind, which is our conscious awareness and manages all the information that comes to us. We also have our subconscious which is the place where all our memories are stored, where everything we experience is stored. There are many things in our subconscious that we are not aware of. It contains our repeated thoughts which have become patterns of behaviour or beliefs. It also directs our reactions and perceptions by using this stored information, so we are not always responding from the present moment, but from our past.
For example if we have the thought that we are not good enough at something, which can be due to others telling us we are not, us perceiving people’s reactions to mean we are not, or just our own belief we are not, then this forms an actual pathway in our brain. I imagine this by picturing a clearing in some woods, with soft grass around, and different pathways heading off in different directions. When we were born we may have had tendencies from past lives, but mostly our grass is green and there are no pathways, as we keep thinking certain thoughts, it’s like people walking in different directions and creating a paths in the nice green grass. This is what happens in our brain, and to keep these intact, because we are creatures of habit and our brains believe we need to maintain these paths, it coats them in a sheath. This keeps our thoughts about certain areas the same.
The other fascinating thing about the subconscious is that it is totally neutral. So, it accepts good and bad thoughts without differentiating between them, it just accepts what it is given on face value. So if you keep telling yourself you are rubbish as exercise, it won’t say
‘hey, that’s not true, or nice, are you sure you want to believe that?’
It will just file it away in the filing cabinet marked exercise. Then when you come to do some excise, and your body and mind are like, Ok we're going to the gym, it will get out the file and give you it, as that’s what it is programmed to do. It's there to help us initially, it helps us learn to drive for example.
The beliefs that it has stored it will mirror in your life and help create situations that are aligned with this. It will make you see information that matches your belief and literally miss information that does not match. If you notice if you are looking for a new car for example and have one in mind, you will start to see this all over, as your mind has been triggered to do this.
Explore your mind and beliefs. What thoughts do you repeatedly think? Look at the different areas in your life and reflect on what you have become to believe about these.
The mind is a fascinating topic and can help us create what we want once we understand it.
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