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How Can Essential Oils Help the Menopause

The menopause is something that is often feared by women as they get older. For some people the fear is unfounded, and they sail through the storm with ease. For others, the symptoms can make the months, even years of the process unbearable. Thankfully the majority sit somewhere in the middle with irritating symptoms but still at a level that doesnt cause too much distress. However the experience presents itself there are plenty of ways that essential oils can help, so lets look at a few of the most significant symptoms. 


Hot Flushes 


In order to deal with hot flushes, you are looking for oils that are known to help with hormonal issues. Firstly peppermint is an excellent oil because it is cooling. So, this is a good oil for massaging into the skin. Obviously, it needs to be diluted into a carrier oil first, but keeping this mixture by the bed means you can apply if you wake up feeling really hot. It is also an excellent oil for easing headaches and aching muscles, so useful to have around. Geranium is also a good hormone balancing oil which can help with hot flushes as well as being suitable for the extreme mood swings felt by some ladies. Again this can be used in a massage oil, even in combination with peppermint. 


Libido Issues


Another common symptom experienced by women during the menopause issues with libido. It is not really a surprise as your hormones are causing chaos in your body. For some women, this is not so much of an issue as it can be the last thing they feel like. But for others, there is a need to recover the problem and be close to their partner. Some women feel embarrassed to discuss this with their partners, and it can cause a rift, so it is import to resolve in that case. Jasmine is a good oil for this, and can be added to a diffuser or again once more blended into a massage oil. Encouraging your partner to give a sensual massage could be the solution to this particular symptom and having Jasmine diffusing in the room as well will help you feel relaxed and confident. 


Mood Swings


Again this can be a symptom of the menopause, and like most symptoms are attributable to the hormone changes within the body. Mood swings can come out of the blue and have no particular cause or trigger but can be aggressive and distressing. The mood swings make daily life more challenging as they can strike out of the blue. In this situation, you are looking for oils that are known to uplift the mood. In this case, some of the citrus oils are good as they are very positive. In this case, using them in a diffuser is a good bet as this means that they are permeating the room and are always around. Hopefully, the power of these oils will help you maintain a better mood.  

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