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Green - Heart Chakra Blog

Our Heart Chakra is our fourth chakra in the system. It’s location is our heart, and it governs all things concerned with love and joy.


It relates to our love for ourselves, others, and the world around us. Along with this is compassion, so how compassionate we are with ourselves, the environment and humanity. This chakra also supports our wellbeing.


The heart chakra is the central point of the chakra system which is our spiritual centre, the place which unites our lower and higher chakra’s, creating a sense of wholeness. It is the place we experience love, however not just a passionate or sexual love, but a love which is described as a state of being and a state of deep peace.


If this area is not functioning well then it can create a fear of rejection, a lack of hope or even jealousy. Our heart chakra is so important to our overall wellbeing, so working on this area is essential to us all.


Our Heart Chakra is aligned with the colour Green and the element of air.


Ways in which you can help your Heart Chakra are: 


  • To use the colour green wear it, surround yourself with it
  • Visualise the green orange
    • Focus on your relationships – what do they need? What do you need form yourself? How do you love yourself more?
  • Go out and spend time somewhere green, in nature.
    • Planting veg, herbs or flowers or nurturing plants is a great way to open your heart chakra   
  • Meditation


The Essential Oils that benefit your heart chakra are:

You can purchase all these at Mood Essential Oils.  


I am a Meditation Teacher, I teach sessions online or in the community, I also offer one to one private sessions. Check out my website or get in touch for more information.   


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