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Essential Oils to help with weight and stomach issues

Essential oils are powerful tools to help with different issues. The particles in them when reaching our brain stimulates our limbic system which is controls our emotions, heart rate, stress and hormone balance.

Each different oil has different properties which help to heal different symptoms. In this blog I am covering the oils that are useful for stomach issues such as bloating, indigestion, wind and excessive appetite, so this also covers weight loss.

Fennel is a great il often used to combat obesity, this helps with stomach bloating and appetite

Sage is effective in stimulating your metabolism, use this in small doses.

Patchouli is also an oil that aids weight loss.

Combining either of these with Juniper is a good option, as Juniper helps to reduce water retention. 

These oils can be used individually or you could combine them. The different options for using these oils are to inhale them or use them on the skin.

Inhalation – this can be done by using one of our oil burners or diffusers. The particles of oil are vaporized into the atmosphere where we inhale them, allowing them to reach and stimulate our olfactory system, where they begin to work on our energy and physical body.

Use on the skin – we can use oils by mixing a few drops with some olive or almond oil. Or we can put them in our bath, by mixing them with some milk and pouring under running water. It is also possible to mix them with some plain cream that you know if safe for your skin. Aqueous cream is good for this.

See our video’s the use of essential oils.

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