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Essential Oils for Teenage Acne

Puberty is a really tough time for kids, and for some spots can become the bane of their lives. Not only do they feel pretty gross they make young people feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. However, thanks to the wonders of hormones, getting rid of them can present a significant challenge. Essential oils can have a really positive effect on balancing the skin, so lets take a look.

What Causes Teenage Spots?

Spots are caused by a variety of issues. During the teenage years, hormones are running riot; pores can build up with grease which in turn creates the mini infections in spots. Teenagers tend to be drawn to mediocre food and have reached an age where they have the financial independence to purchase snacks, despite parents best efforts to keep the diet healthy. Teens also tend to sweat more which can also lead to skin irritation when things like backpacks are rubbing against clothing that is covered in perspiration. As you can see it is something of a minefield for young people, and despite good hygiene practices acne still happens. 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree is a pretty good place to start if you are looking to combat acne. The natural properties mean that this oil is antibacterial in nature which can help to clean pores and fight the infection that sits at the centre of every spot. Remember that essential oils need to be diluted and should not be used neat, so you will need to add the oil to some water then use as a face wash or dab directly onto the affected area.  

Clary Sage

Another oil that has antibacterial properties, Clary Sage is an excellent oil for female teens as it is also hormone balancing for a woman. One of the other issues that can cause breakouts is stress, and this is a really great oil for helping to combat stress and create a relaxed state. Again you can dilute this with water or add to existing face washes, but as well as that you could use a diffuser to allow the oil to permeate the room and work on any feelings of stress and anxiety in a subtle but effective way.


Lavender is another possible option for helping with acne reduction. The critical issue is the antibacterial qualities that all these oils possess. The advantage of lavender is the fact that it also can reduce scarring and promote healing. Spot scars can also impact on self-confidence and body image so if your teen is suffering from this issue lavender could be the right oil for you. Lavender is also great to balance the oils in the skin which in turn will reduce the acne build up.  

Adding any of these oils to your teenagers face cleaning routine should help to improve acne. It would be advisable to keep this as a daily routine for several months. If you do not see any change in the first oil, you try it is worth trying one of the others mentioned above until you find the best one for your teen.

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