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Combat Winter Skin Damage with Essential Oils

Every season brings its own issues for the body and winter is no exception. The cold air and chill from the wind can act as a very drying force on the skin, especially the face and hands. It is important to look after the skin, but if, like us, you would rather not use commercial chemical products what can you do? The good news is there are plenty of natural products, including essential oils that can easily help you create a holistic skin care routine that will soften and heal the skin from the harsh winter elements.


Start With a Cleanse

To start with you need to cleanse the face to remove any dirt and particles that have accumulated when you are outside. There are many nasties in the air, and in winter you will find cars working hard, so more exhaust fumes being pushed into the atmosphere as well as debris from plants and trees, etc. Here is a simple chemical-free recipe for an all natural skin cleanser. You should make this the day before you want to use it. Wash the face in warm water and then massage this into the skin. Wash again to rinse and pat the skin dry.


Simple Skin Cleanser Ingredients

Rose water 80mls

Geranium water 80mls

Vegetable Glycerin 15mls

Lavender 6/7 drops

Ylang Ylang 1 drop


Keep Hydrated

To help combat any skin problems in winter, you need to keep your skin well hydrated. Internally you need to keep your fluid levels up. It might be cold, but you should still be managing to fit 7/8 glasses of water a day. Tea, coffee, and other beverages are not so good at keeping us hydrated, although we admit they do keep us warmer! Externally you can bring the moisture levels back up by using something like rose water. This simple no chemical formula is great for softening and hydrating. Invest in a spritz bottle and gently spray onto damp skin.


Lets Moisturise

To finish your skincare routine, you will also need to moisturise the skin. Many commercial products are thick and block the pores which can lead to other issues down the line. Thankfully we have a gentler option. Again mix up the ingredients in advance and keep in a pot with a lid. A little goes a long way if you suffer from dry patches be sure to target those.


Simple Moisturiser Ingredients

Emulsifying wax - about 8 grams

Oil of choice - apricot or jojoba are recommended 75ml

Vegetable Glycerin 15mls

Rose Water 75mls

Vitamin E 5mls

Grapefruit Seed extract eight drops

Lavender essential oil 6/7 drops


Steam Baby Steam

Once a week treat yourself to a facial sauna. The easiest way is to sit with your head over a bowl of steaming water. Use a towel to trap the steam between the bowl and your face. In the water, you can put any essential oils that you love to work with. In winter it is always good to use something antibacterial as there are often colds and flu viruses doing the rounds, so maybe three drops of tea tree or lavender. This will be great for the skin, and the inhalation will help your immune and respiratory systems kill off any bugs.

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