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Can Sleep Be Linked to Feet?

Now if you are immediately wondering if we have lost the plot - fear not we are still entirely with it. Linking feet to sleep is not a new concept; there has long been a school of thought that suggests sleeping with socks on, thereby keeping your appendages warm, induces sleep. Now if you are suffering from insomnia you will know how miserable it can be to lay awake counting down the hours until you have to get up and start the day, tired and fed up. So, having anything new to try is always worth a shot. Taking this theory one step further and adding in aromatherapy just might help induce the all-important sleep you crave. Lets look in more detail.  

Vicks and Socks

Another familiar internet story that does the social media rounds relates to wearing Vicks vapour rub on the soles of the feet and adding socks to stop a persistent night cough. Now, we have no medical stats to back this up, but from an aromatherapy view, you can see the logic. Vicks although a brand name is essentially harnessing the power of essential oils. It actually contains a myriad of oils which include camphor and eucalyptus. Both of these oils are able to get through stubborn sinus pressure and blockages to ease breathing. So, having this permanently with you through the night can indeed be beneficial. On the feet, the oil is also quite warming so again it is playing to the theory of keeping those toes toasty. Both factors will immediately help soothe a poorly body and if sleep creeps in so much the better. 

No Cough, Just No Sleep 

So, if you are just suffering from a lack of sleep what else can you do. We suggest a foot bath immediately before bed. This can be done in a number of ways, you can fill the bath with just enough water to cover your feet, you can use a washing up type bowl, or you can get electric foot baths that add massage and spa treatment to the experience. This element is not vital, and we are not suggesting you rush out and buy one. The bowl of water works just as well. Pick the last half hour before bed and get prepared. Have a clean towel and some warm socks ready for after. What you pop in the water in terms of essential oils is up to you, but we suggest lavender features as this is one of the most soporific oils there is. Add 5/6 drops of each oil to the water and agitate well. Remember use water that is hot but not scalding and, add the oils to a small amount of milk before adding to the water as this prevents scorching. Soak your feet for ten mins or until the water starts to cool off too much. Dry your feet thoroughly without getting a chill and pop your socks on. Hopefully now when you head to bed you will feel calmer and find sleep easier. 
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