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Can Aromatherapy Help Quit Smoking?

Smoking is a habit that many people wish they didnt have. While they are aware of the detriment to their health, it is by its very nature addictive. Nicotine is a dangerous substance that has a hold over the smoker making it hard for them just to stop. However, a study conducted in 2014 suggests that this is another area that aromatherapy can help with.

Stopping Cravings

The main thing with any form of addiction is learning to switch off and ignore the cravings. In this study, while the group was very small and consisted of just 20 smokers, the evidence was very promising. During the trial, two different oils were used. Black pepper and Angelica. Two groups were created from the study participants. One group was given Black Pepper, and one group was given Angelica. They were all trying to stop smoking and were asked to record every cigarette. The instructions stated that every time the cravings kicked in they should take a drop of the oil they had been given, pop it on a tissue and inhales the smell for 2-3 minutes. The study showed that both oils seemed to stave off cravings longer than when no oils were used, and interestingly that the Angelica group reported more extended periods of being able to resist the desire.  

Stronger in Combination 

However, rather than just focusing on the benefits of Angelica those in charge of research decided to try combining both oils and also adding others. When trying to stop smoking personality plays a large part, and some people feel angry with no nicotine, others feel sad or depressed, etc. By knowing and understanding the benefits of different oil, it was suggested that tailored blends would produce the best results. So other oils were added.

Do Some Research 

If you are looking to quit smoking, then it could be worth trying a combination of oils. The best way to do this for lasting effect would be to use them in a room diffuser. Whether you use a candle or electric burner, the principle remains the same. Add a couple of drops of each oil and allow the benefits to permeate the room. Remember that lemon and orange are great oils for picking up the mood, so if you feel that not smoking is leaving you feeling blue, then it could be worth trying these in your blend. Chamomile is an excellent calming oil, so if you are feeling anxious and uptight, this one might be best for you.  

It Might Take Time 

The most important thing when trying to break any habit is to be kind to yourself. Do not expect results overnight, but instead celebrate every small success. Nicotine replacement drugs and products also come with some pretty grim side effects whereas essential oils are all natural, so you are helping the body to heal without adding even more potentially toxic chemicals to it. Take each day as it comes and count every cigarette you miss as a bonus.

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