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Aromatherapy Awareness Week

On June the 11th 2018, we will see the start of this year's aromatherapy awareness week. The purpose of this week is to educate people across the country about the benefits of using aromatherapy in day to day life. Alternative therapies are often under fire from conventional medicine, so the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) have put this awareness week together to try and spread the knowledge about aromatherapy.  


Fear of the Unknown 


One of the reasons cited by people who do not embrace aromatherapy is fear of the unknown. It is fair to say that you can use oils incorrectly. As we have mentioned before you should never ingest oils as this can result in emergency medical care, so it is a valid concern. If we can help people understand how easy it can be to incorporate oils into daily life, then we can eliminate this fear. 


The Week


During the week various events are being held all over the country. Anyone can join in, so if you are an aromatherapist, you could consider doing something to raise awareness in your local area. The plan is to make as much noise as possible so event organisers will be using social media channels as well as holding physical events. Community centres are often used for these events so do check out your local area. Some GP surgeries are open to the benefits of aromatherapy so there will be events in various doctors practices too. In a bid to dispel any myths and show people how the oils can benefit health there are also discounts being made available. This will hopefully encourage people to take the plunge and try an aromatherapy treatment in their area.  


A Reminder


Aromatherapy is often used in a range of ways, so here is a reminder of a few of those. Massage is a great way to use oils. Blended into carrier oils a variety of oils can be added to help target a specific issue. From bad backs to chronic pain the benefits are many and varied. Essential oils can also be added to room diffusers as the therapeutic properties can also be inhaled. Diffusers come in two styles, electric and candle. It is essential to take care when using candles in homes as they can be knocked over or accidentally left unattended and become a fire hazard. There is also a range of home uses for essential oils. They can be made into cleaning products as many of the oils have natural antibacterial, antibiotic and antifungal benefits. Used in this way you can avoid toxic chemicals. There are obviously other ways of using oils so attending events can broaden your knowledge.


Get Involved


If you are interested in organising something in your local area, you can request an event support package from the organising body, the IFA. Included in the pack are materials that have been designed to give aromatherapist the confidence to promote their events with the local media. So why not get involved today. 

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