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Aromatherapy and Headaches

Headaches are a massive problem for many people on a daily basis.  Whether you suffer from migraines or seem to have a low-grade headache a lot, they are disruptive and distracting.  Popping paracetamol or ibuprofen may be the only way you can get through the day. It always seems unreasonable to book a day off sick for a headache (migraines are different, obviously) so what can you do?  They are debilitating and make it extremely difficult to concentrate on your work. Understanding why we get headaches (again migraines fall into a slightly different category) and learning about the essential oils that can promote relief give you a chance to take control.

Why Do We Get Headaches

There are some reasons we can get headaches.  Just being overtired is a trigger for that old nagging pain in the head.  Not drinking enough fluids is another prime candidate. During a busy day it is easy to forget that while the caffeine in the coffee may seem vital, you also need water to balance out and ensure you are not dehydrated.  The first thing anyone should do when a headache starts is getting more water in. Posture and muscle stress is another common cause of headaches. This gets worse when you are stressed as you will hold your body in a taut way.  Posture headaches are prevalent among those who sit at a desk all day as often the spine is under way more strain than you realise. Stress can cause you to raise your voice more, which is not the best for a chilled and calm head.  Anxiety seems to be the scourge of the modern world, and constant worrying makes you more susceptible to getting a headache from the steady state of stress you are in.

So What Can You Do?

For headaches, the most common three ways to work with essential oils will be in a diffuser, in a spray bottle and as a temple rub in a roller ball bottle.  Remember that all oils need to be diluted, and we recommend diluting with water for the diffuser and spray bottle, and in a carrier oil for the temple rub. If you think that your headache is caused by stress and tension try an oil that is known to relax the body.  Lavender mixed with Clary Sage, and Peppermint is a great combination. Add three drops of each oil to your carrier and decant into the roller ball bottle. When you feel a headache brewing run the temple rub over the forehead and of course on the temples.

If you have a stressful time at work why not see if you can install a diffuser and add Neroli and Chamomile to the mixture.  All your colleagues will benefit and lowering the overall stress levels within the workplace can only help everyone. Generate an uplifting mood in the room before you sit to watch TV at night by creating a spray bottle with Orange, Peppermint and Neroli oil.  Spritz the air in the room before you sit down.

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