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3 Tips Kick 2018 Off With Good Health

Welcome to 2018! I hope your new year was happy and drama free. Now we are into the new year people are making resolutions and organising their thoughts for a change. One of the most important things is keeping healthy as we are now mid cough, cold and flu season. It will be so much harder to stick to new changes if you are feeling below par so here are some great tips for boosting your health that you can start now and carry throughout the year with you.

1. Eat Smart

The old adage that you are what you eat is actually entirely correct. Over the years we have strayed from nutritious whole foods to processed (to put it bluntly) rubbish. The problem is that we are all busy and processed food is easy. We do not have time to grow our own food, and preparation time is limited. However, there are some natural foods you can add that do not require preparation but fall into the category of superfoodsbecause they are packed full of goodness and contain very little in the way of badness. Nuts are a good example - sadly we do not mean the salted and roasted ones but those that have been removed from their shells and are raw and untouched. Brazil nuts are a great example. Avocado might well be one of those marmite type foods that you either love or hate, but if you get on board just remove from the skin, discard the stone and mush onto toast for a healthy snack.  

2. Top Up Your Essential Oil First Aid Kit

If you are looking to boost that immune system, then you should have things like tea tree oil, sandalwood, lemon, eucalyptus and bergamot. These can be defused daily around the house to clean the air, or mixed into a spray to create a natural antibacterial wipe for communal areas and things like toilet flushes and taps. If the festivities have taken their toll and you are struggling to sleep, remember the healing and restorative properties of lavender, chamomile and sweet orange. These can all aid relaxation and sleep, and remember chamomile can be drunk as a tea - look for teabags or loose tea from an organic supplier (do not use the oil for making tea).

3. Up the Water

Drinking water is always more difficult in winter. When it is cold we crave warm drinks, so why not try hot water with a slice of lemon. This is a great way to get your water intake up, and the lemon is mentally refreshing and can also act as a diet aid keeping hunger pangs and sweet food cravings at bay. Not drinking enough does come with a myriad of negative health issues that really wont help you bounce into 2018. Not enough water leads to headaches, problems concentrating, pains in the joints, and many more. Basically, the body needs water to stay lubricated and fully functioning - so get your drinking head on!

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