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Tangerine Essential Oil 20ml

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Tangerine Essential Oil        
Benefits to the mind and spirit:       
• Sedative and calming properties
• Reduces nervous tension
• Reduces stress and anxiety
Benefits to the physical body:          
• Kills bacteria and prevents sepsis
• Purifies the blood by removing toxic and unwanted substances
• Soothes all types of inflammation
• Relieves spasms
Botanical Name       
Citrus Reticulata

Fresh, sweet and citrusy

Extraction Method       
Cold Pressed/Expressed
Plant Detail       
Tangerine oil is extracted from Citrus reticulata, which comes from the Rutaceae family. The Tangerine is a small evergreen tree which has yellow and orangey red w fruits, and glossy leaves.

Origin and History 
Tangerine oil is historically found in China, but in 1805 was taken to Europe, then later to America, who now producers this oil in large amounts.

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