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Petitgrain Essential Oil 50ml

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Petitgrain Essential Oil       
Benefits to the mind and spirit:      
• Intellectually stimulating
• Balancing to the whole being
• Soothes the emotions and even panic attacks
• Strengthens the astral body and memory
Benefits to the physical body:         
• Relaxes muscle spasms
• Slows the body down and calms rapid heart beats
• Deodorising properties to refresh the body
• Tightens and cleanses the skin
Botanical Name      
Citrus Aurantium

Fresh, floral, citrus and herbaceous

Extraction Method      
Steam distillation
Plant Detail      
Petitgrain oil comes from the small evergreen bitter orange tree. It is extracted from the tree's leaves and branches.

Origin and History       
Centuries ago, the oil was pressed from the rind of unripe oranges which were the size of a cherry and still green, which is where the name 'petit grains' comes from. The best quality oil comes from the Mediterranean region, specify France.

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