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Palmarosa Essential Oil 50ml

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Palmarosa Essential  Oil       
Benefits to the mind and spirit:      
• Helps release negative emotions
• Calming to the emotions
• Helps uplift and clear the mind
• Stimulates the appetite
Benefits to the physical body:         
• Stimulates the digestive system, especially the intestinal flora
• Reduces body temperature in fevers
• Powerful in all aspects of skin care
• Helps treat stiff or painful joints
Botanical Name      
Cymbopogon Martinii

Fresh, floral and sweet

Extraction Method      
Steam distillation
Plant Detail      
Grass Blades
Palmarosa is a 3-meter high perennial herb, coming from the lemongrass family. It is harvested before the flowers appear, when the grass has completely dried out, and is taken from the grass.

Origin and History       
Palmarosa originates from India and China, and is known as Indian or Turkish geranium, rosha or motia.

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