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Nutmeg Essential Oil 100ml

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Nutmeg Essential Oil      
Benefits to the mind and spirit:     
• Helps to promote sleep
• Promotes a sense of relaxation
• Reduces fatigue and boosts energy levels
• Uplifts and improves mood
Benefits to the physical body:        
• Anti inflammatory properties reducing muscle pain
• Aids digestion and reduces bloating
• Relieves skin irritations such as rashes and itching
• Helps clear respiratory airways
Botanical Name     
Myristica Fragrans

Spicy, sweet and woody

Extraction Method     
Steam Distilled
Plant Detail     
The oil is taken from the kernels of the evergreen nutmeg tree which grows to around 50 feet high, bearing smooth, bell-shaped waxy flowers and large fruits

Origin and History      
The Nutmeg tree originates from Indonesia, where it was known as an expensive spice due to its believed healing, mystical, and aphrodisiac qualities. The price then soared again when medieval doctors claimed that it could be the only antidote to the Black Death pandemic.

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