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Niaouli Essential Oil 20ml

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Niaouli Essential Oil
Benefits to the mind and spirit:     
• Brings clarity to the mind
• Helps treat insomnia
• Reduces emotional stress
• Uplifting effects to the mind and spirit
Benefits to the physical body:        
• Stimulates blood and lymph circulation
• Helps treat skins conditions and acne
• Strengthens the immune system
• Helps in healing wounds
Botanical Name     
Melaleuca quinquenervia

Balsamic, fresh and camphorous

Extraction Method     
Steam Distilled
Plant Detail     
The oil is extracted from the rounded leaves and twigs of the melaleuca quinquenervia tree.

Origin and History      
Niaouli oil comes originally from Northern Australia, New Guinea and the French pacific islands. Niaouli is a Latin name, provided by Captain Cook’s in 1788.

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