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Mandarin Essential Oil

In general, mandarin is the collective name given to a class of oranges with a small, loose peel and a taste that is much sweeter than the normal.

All of this large group of citrus fruits are defined by bright colored peel and pulp, readily splitting parts and an easy-to-peel rind.

Botanical Name

Citrus reticulata

Method of Extraction

Cold Pressed/Expressed

Plant Part Typically Used

Citrus Rind (Peel)

Mandarin Orange Mandarin Oranges


Greenish Orange



Aromatic Description

Mandarin Essential Oil smells sweet and citrusy.

Product Description

  • Mandarin Essential Oil is children's and parents ' choice. Mandarin Essential Oil can be the best choice if you want to spread citrus oil in the evenings before bed or with children.
  • The Citrus reticulata fruit's fresh, green rinds create a bright, sweet, citrus essential oil. Mandarin Essential Oil is the most sweet and tends to be the sweetest.
  • It's considered to be very uplifting. This mixes well aromatically with many other essential oils including oils from fruit, herbal, oak, and spice and herb families.


  • The natural historian Sir Abraham Hume introduced Citrus Reticulata to Europe, who took two cultivars from China back to England. It is assumed that the mandarin was brought next from England to Malta, then to Sicily and mainland Italy.

Due to its bright color reminiscent of its imperial orange garments, the mandarin fruit owes its reputation to the high officials of the Chinese Empire.

Giving a mandarin is a common token of wealth and success during the Chinese New Year. If you're really looking to impress, it shows the' doubling' of wealth by giving mandarins in pairs.

Uses and Benefits

  • Sweetly spicy, pure mandarin oil decreases everyday stress's negative effects, encourages warm, restful sleep, and enhances feelings of contentment and well-being.
  • Whenever you want to sweeten your diffuser mix bouquet, you should aim for your mandarin. To soften the skin and enhance natural beauty, apply it to your skin care formulations.