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Mandarin Essential Oil 100ml

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Mandarin Essential Oil     
Benefits to the mind and spirit:    
• Dispels insomnia and sleep issues
• Strengthens the astral body
• Promotes emotional strength
• Eases fear, sadness and irritability
Benefits to the physical body:
• Reduces muscle spasms
• Helps reduce cravings
• Help’s balance blood sugar
• Reduces inflammation
• High in antioxidants to combat aging
Botanical Name    
Citrus reticulata

Sweet and citrusy  

Extraction Method    
Cold Pressed/Expressed
Plant Detail    
The mandarin tree is found in hot, humid climates and produces an abundance of fruit. It is the semi-ripe fruits which yield the highest quantity of oil, and it is the peel / rind that is used.

Origin and History     
Mandarins can be traced back to China, where it was given to the oriental majesties, called Mandarins - as a token of respect. Its has grown in popularity in Europe in the last 200 years and is now cultivated extensively in the Mediterranean region.

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