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Lime Essential Oil

If citrus is desired in a particular dish or even cleaning products, lime always seems to be replaced by lemon. Many beautiful green fruits, though, carry just as many nutritional benefits as their relative of yellow color.

Botanical Name

Citrus Aurantifolia

Method of Extraction

Cold Pressed/Expressed

Plant Part Typically Used

Citrus Rind (Peel)


Light Green with a Hint of Orange/Yellow



Aromatic Description

Lime Essential Oil smells fresh, citrusy, sweet and slightly tart

Product Description

Lime essential oil is also used in several applications. Whether you want to attach some flavor to your smoothie or fill the room with an exciting scent, it will fast become a big necessity in your regular use of essential oil once you use Lime oil.


Limes have been born in Southeast Asia and introduced to Egypt and Northern Africa around the 10th century. They were introduced into Spain around the 13th century and spread throughout the rest of Europe from there.       

Columbus brought with him on his second journey in 1493 such beautiful green fruits, which contributed to the plants being cultivated in the hot Caribbean environment.


Uses and Benefits

  • The fragrance is perfect for making your home feel clean or new when you want to brighten a spot. Use the Lime oil scent in your home.
  • Simply blend the citrus, grapefruit, and lime oil into a glass spray bottle with purified water and spray the concoction around your home or any place that might use a more cheerful fragrance.
  • If you want to get rid of a greasy mess, scrub the countertops, or purify your hands there are countless ways to disinfect Lime oil.
  • You can use Lime essential oil to avoid paint stains or traces left behind by adhesive or faced with a messy, goopy, or greasy mess.