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Lime Essential Oil 100ml

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Lime Essential Oil     
Benefits to the mind and spirit:    
• Reduces feelings of distress
• Aids better sleep
• Relieves physical symptoms of stress
• Energises and reduces depression
Benefits to the physical body:       
• Reduces muscle spasms
• Help’s reduce cravings
• Help’s balance blood sugar
• Reduces inflammation
• High in antioxidants to combat aging
Botanical Name    
Citrus Aurantifolia

Fresh, citrusy, sweet and slightly tart  

Extraction Method    
Cold Pressed/Expressed
Plant Detail    
Lime oil is made from the rind, which contains most of its
volatile oils and vitamin C.

Origin and History     
Limes were native to Southeast Asia, then introduced to Egypt and Northern Africa around the 10th century. Spain followed suit around the 13th century where they then spread throughout the rest of Europe.

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