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Ginger Essential Oil 100ml

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Ginger Essential Oil   
Benefits to the mind and spirit:  
• Warming to the emotions
• Reduces drowsiness
• Reduces irritability
• Works as an aphrodisiac
Benefits to the physical body:     
• Aids the digestive system and in particular nausea
• Analgesic properties, helping with arthritis and aches and pains
• Helps with morning sickness
• Helps with respiratory issues such as colds and flu
Botanical Name  
Zingiber officinale

Alive, spicy and sharp

Extraction Method  
Steam distilled
Plant Detail  
Ginger is part of the same family of plants, as cardamom and Tumeric. It can be found all over the world, but particularly in Asia and Africa.

Origin and History   
Ginger has been used in China and India to cure illnesses for centauries. It has now spread across Africa and Europe.

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