Coriander Essential Oil 20ml Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser Burner

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For this fascinating herb, Coriandrum sativum is the botanical term. Seed oil is usually produced as well as a leaf oil. Each oil has different characteristics, so it's helpful to know if you're dealing with leaf oil or seed oil.

Botanical Name

Coriandrum Sativum

Method of Extraction

Steam Distilled

Plant Part Typically Used

Seeds or Leaves


Pale Yellow



Aromatic Description

Coriander Seed Essential Oil smells sweet, herbaceous, spicy, woody and slightly fruity.


Cilantro oil is derived from this plant's leaves because the coriander seeds provide another liquid, known as Coriander. The Coriandrum sativum plant's leaves and seeds are widely used for their fragrance.

From the start of time to the present, Coriander has been useful and will likely carry himself in the future. Historians believe the coriander is a sign of everlasting love. Then you can also call it in the pharaohs ' tombs.


  • Taken from the same plant that produces Cilantro essential oil. In a diffuser, add three drops of Coriander, two drops of Peppermint, and two drops of DoTERRA Balance for a soothing and uplifting aroma.
  • This is a good mix to scatter across your house if you want to maintain a positive mood and a relaxing environment.
  • Coriander is considered to mix well with minty, new essential oils such as peppermint or winter green oil with a mild, herbaceous fragrance.
  • A new, clean fragrance is created by the mixture of minty essential oils and soothing Coriander oil.


  • Intensely, important coriander oil has been used to help a person fulfill their desires and goals for greater flexibility as to how things should be done.
  • Coriander Seed Essential Oil is a mildly fruity, aromatic oil that could be used in herbal scent applications.
  • You enjoy it all year long, and the use during the fall and winter seasons is extremely beautiful.