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Natural Avocado Carrier Oil Benefits

Avocado is a pear-shaped fruit with coarse, scaly skin and soft, fatty edible pulp. The fruit pulp comprises around 60% fat, 7% skin and about 2% seed.

Avocado has another two famous Names

  • Vegetable Butter
  • Butter Pear

The quality of avocado oil relies on the source, temperature, variety and processing methods. Avocado Oil is made from the avocado tree fruit and squeezed from the fleshy pulp that surrounds the avocado pit. It is one of the only non-seed-derived oils.

  • Botanical Name

Persea Americana

  • Family: Lauraceae
  • Origin: Avocados are a tropical American native. There are three ecological races identified Mexican, Guatemalan, and Western Indian.
  • Easy Extraction At Home

It's very easy to extract the oil and depends on the extraction method; you might be left with mashed avocado, ideal for baking or making fresh guacamole!


  • Avocado Oil is less oily than other oils making smoother mixes with its neatness powers. The Avocado was known as a valuable fruit in Mexico. Carrier oils are vegetable oils extracted from a plant's seeds roots, or nuts, such as Almond oil or avocado oil.
  • Strong cleaning agents are pure essential oils. For commercial cleaning items, lime, oak, tea tree, and even eucalyptus have been used for years.
  • reat carrier oil for home-made perfume is Avocado Oil.
  • Diffuser

If you want to give some brightness to your walls, apply 1 tablespoon of avocado oil to the solution.It will give the right amount of cooling to your walls, without being greasy.

  • Used External

You can use it externally on your skin. You can massage your body with the oil apply it like a mask on your eyes. But before applying on your skin, just check it with put a small amount on your skin. Essential oils are suitable for external usage.