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The word Camphor may refer to Camphor Essential Oil, but the wood from which it is extracted may also relate to the plant. It may also relate to the unique element known as camphor.

It is important to understand when speaking or learning regarding camphor whether it is the entire essential oil that is being addressed or whether it is the constituent. Camphor Essential Oil is branch steam distilled, root stumps, and Camphor Tree scuffed wood.


The essential oil of the White Camphor is a rectified oil. Crude camphor is harvested from the trees to manufacture the oil and is extracted in fractions of steam, including white camphor, brown camphor, yellow camphor, and blue camphor.

Botanical Name

Cinnamomum Camphora


Steam Distilled

Plant Part Used






Scented Description

“White Camphor Essential Oil smells fresh, intense and woody. Its aroma is somewhat eucalyptus-like due to its high cineole content.”

Japanese and Taiwanese trees, Japanese Camphor and Hon-Sho are also popular. It had already started to be generally planted in China before the Camphor tree was added to Florida in the late 1800s.

Camphor Essential Oil is available in 4 levels: White, Brown, Yellow, and Blue. For aromatic purposes, only the White variety is used.

Used in aroma application, it is known that the long-lasting scent of Camphor Oil, which is similar to that of menthol and can be described as cool, clean, clear, thin, bright and piercing, promotes full breathing. Camphor tree fragrant wood was also used to build ships and tombs. Chinese and Indians used essential oil for both religious purposes.

2-3 drops of oil can be added to a bath filled with warm water for an aromatic soak. It is known to soak in this for 10 minutes by giving the body and mind an increase with the fresh and vigorous scent of the oil to tackle a lack of energy.