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                                        THE VERSATILE BERGAMOT ESSENTIAL OIL

Botanical Name

Citrus bergamia (Sweet Limes)


Fresh, citrus, sweet

Extraction Method

Cold expression

Plant Detail

This green-leaves shrub is 5m high and the fruits are smaller than oranges but very similar.


The Italian region where it was initially developed and marketed. The Bergamot Essential Oil currently produced in Calabria, Italy, is known to be of the highest quality on the international market.

Main Producers

The fruit is grown where it has its origins in Argentina, Brazil, Algeria, the Ivory Coast, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, and South-East Asia. While being a native species, the Bergamot tree is rising well in Europe.

Additional Information

Essential oil industry is growing rapidly. Bergamot is a pear-shaped fruit from the same family as orange in the Rutaceae family. Bergamot essential oil is an important cold-pressed oil formed by cells within the curd of an orange bergamot seed. This is a rising scent and the highest feature in perfumes. The fragrance of essential bergamot oil is close to a floral note soft light orange peel oil.

Cultivating and Harvesting Quality

  • The Citrus bergamia tree or the Bergamot tree is an evergreen tree initially grown through seed or cuttings. In Italy, when the Bergamot fruits are grown, they are hand-picked.
  • Bergamot Essential Oil is sourced from the Bergamot fruit peel's cold expression when the fruit is almost mature.

Gains of Bergamot Essential Oil

  • Bergamot is a famous fragrance in the perfumery industry, and its powerful fragrance makes it an important part of many perfumes where it acts as the highest note.


  • Bergamot acts as a natural fragrance and a non-toxic air freshener that provides an atmosphere of stress relief and deodorizes unpleasant fragrances.
  • Bergamot Essential Oil could be mixed with Grapefruit Essential Oil before being used as a surface cleaner and diluted in water and shaken inside a spray bottle. Not only will this mix disinfect, but it will also deodorize by eliminating bacteria that cause the smell.