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Spearmint Essential Oil 50ml

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Spearmint Essential Oil        
Benefits to the mind and spirit:       
• Eases mental fatigue, particularly from overwork
• Helps mild depression
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Improves overall wellbeing
Benefits to the physical body:          
• Helps soothe digestive issues such as bloating and indigestion
• Eases nausea including morning or travel sickness
• Anti bacterial and promotes good oral health
• Clears congestion in respiratory issues
Botanical Name       
Mentha Spicata / Mentha Cardiaca

Sweet, herbaceous and minty

Extraction Method       
Steam Distilled
Plant Detail       
Spearmint gets its name from its spear-shaped leaves. It is considered to be the oldest herb of the Mint Family. Spearmint’s fragrance is smoother milder than Peppermint Oil.

Origin and History        
Spearmint originated in the Mediterranean, more commonly Greece. As Spearmint became popular in England, it got the nickname The Gentler Mint Oil.

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