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The Essential Gift

Have you noticed as we get older buying gifts for birthdays or other occasions becomes more difficult? People tend to have everything they need and getting something that will actually be used and appreciated rather than popped in a drawer and forgotten is really important to us, and we strive to get the best gift for the person concerned. Essential oils can be excellent birthday gifts and a great way to introduce someone to the awesome healing properties of aromatherapy. Here are some great gift ideas for that special someone.


We love diffusers, and they are one of the easiest ways to use essential oils at home. You will find there are two main choices, those that use electricity and those that use candles. It is worth considering if the recipient has small children and animals as these can make them wary of using candles. A candle burner normally uses a tea light and heats up a small well above the flame. In the well, you have a small amount of water and a few drops of essential oils of choice. Obviously, these need close monitoring and cannot be left burning when you go out. Electric diffusers tend to use more water in their water holders meaning you can add more drops of oil. They have an auto shut off and stop when the water runs out. At this time of year adding some antibacterial oils to the gift with a quick note explaining how to use them is a really thoughtful touch and clearly a nice personal gift rather than something clearly from a supermarket shelf. 

Oil Collections 

Another lovely gift idea is to put together a selection of oils that match the life of the person in question. New mummy relaxation packs could contain some relaxing oils for the bath, healing oil for stitches and sleep oils to aid relaxation for both mum and babe. Take care to ensure all oils selected are safe for use around babies and take advice if needed. Maybe you are putting together a distress pack for someone who has a long and busy work life and want to include some base oil so they can make their own massage oil. If you pop in some instructions about how to do this safely, again, you are creating a lovely personal gift that shows you are thinking about them.


There are lots of outstanding books that help people get started with aromatherapy at home, and you could add in a couple of oils that you think would benefit them. Whether you know someone struggles to sleep or you just want them to experience a positive, uplifting smell, there are plenty of choices. Popped in a gift bag again with a note explaining your choices really shows the recipient that you are thinking of them and not just purchasing generic gifts. There are lots of other ideas, but hopefully, these will give you some food for thought and help you create some awesome aromatherapy oil gifts.  

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