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Spotlight on Rosewood Essential Oil

Rosewood is a gorgeous, sweet smelling oil that offers some beautiful therapeutic properties, but is often overlooked. Found in the Brazilian rainforest, this is a stunning tree that is green all year long; the oil is refined by distilling the chips of bark until a pure oil is created. When it flowers it boasts pretty yellow or purple heads, but sadly over the years the amount found has dwindled, and it has now been placed under environmental management to ensure it is not lost forever. The protection orders will ensure that this essential oil can be safely produced for many years to come.

Feeling Tired?

 If you are feeling a bit life worn rosewood can offer some comfort. It is an uplifting oil that helps the body with feelings of fatigue. If you are struggling to wake up in the mornings with any sort of spring in your step why not try diffusing some rosewood oil. With the fragrance in the room, you should soon find that you are feeling brighter and more awake.

Under the Weather?

Rosewood is also an excellent oil for helping to support the immune system making it perfect for this time of year. Germs are pretty much everywhere during the winter so having rosewood in your soap or massage oil can help your body stay more resilient. Another great way to harness the power of this magical oil is to add it to a bath and enjoy a long and peaceful soak. Remember that oils should not be added directly to hot water as this can damage the oil, but instead, you should blend any oils required into a glass of milk, and then add that to the water as you run the bath.

Feeling Blue?

Unsurprisingly, rosewood also has great pick me up properties for when you are feeling a little blue. Some people have said it is like a little hug in a glass bottle. Again diffusing in the room is a great way to get these benefits so be sure to add this to any room blend when you are experiencing times of stress or feeling a little sad. This is a good oil to use in tandem with a citrus oil as these are also known to be uplifting oils. Mandarin is a good candidate here.

 Damaged Skin? 

Sometimes our skin feels older than we would like. This is in part due to exposure to the elements and isnt something we can easily avoid, however supporting the skin with moisturising products can help combat the damage. Adding rosewood to your moisturiser or making your own with other oils is a great way to nurture your skin. Remember that essential oils should not be applied to open wounds, but it all other cases it will really help.

It is worth noting that rosewood is one of the few oils that is specifically deemed safe for use in pregnancy and can also be safely used on small children. This is a really worthwhile oil to keep at home for any of the applications above.

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