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Practical mindfulness in everyday life

So how can we incorporate mindfulness in your everyday life
You can decide to practise one of the mindful techniques in our videos on mindfulness
You could set a timer during the day to remind you to be mindful, just doing this for 5 minutes or more is beneficial
You could use an object as a reminder such as a pebble or stone that you keep in your pocket, whenever you feel it remind yourself to be present
There are various mindful app’s that you can download
Engage your senses in being mindful for example
• Sight – when you walk in nature or sit in the garden / park, really notice all the different plants, tree’s, flowers and creature’s. Notice the vibrant colours and just practise being in the now
• Scent – select a fragrance you like, maybe an essential oil or cream, maybe some incense or even a piece of fruit and again practise focusing all you awareness on this scent. Become aware of how your body feels, what thoughts you have etc and just focus total on the scent.
• Sound – being mindful while listening to music is a wonderful way to practise. You could also do this with nature sounds, bird song etc
• Touch – do some stretches / yoga or the body scan mediation, or give yourself a foot massage and again really focus on the feelings in your body.
• Taste – this is a really good one to practise, select some fruit or other foods you enjoy and savour each mouthful, the taste of each bit. Focus all you attention on the sensations you experience as you eat.

Being mindful while we eat not only helps our stress levels but it helps our digestion also. We spend so much time and money on the food we eat, and yet we spend a lot less time really enjoying the process of eating it.
You may feel like ‘I cant be mindful because I am working’ but you can still incorporate this, become aware of how you feel as you work, in relation to the role you are doing, in respect of the conversations you are having. What are you experiencing while you work. Take short breaks of 5 minutes just to use the breathing technique to bring yourself back to the present moment.
Once you commit to being mindful you will find ways in which you can incorporate it into your life.
If you would like to find more information and practises on mindfulness and meditation go to my website:
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