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Mindfulness – non judgemental awareness

So we have learnt that mindfulness means to live in the present moment and observe our thoughts, feelings and sensations. Sounds simple, the reality isn’t as easy but with practise it is possible.
The really important concept to remember here is that we are observing our life – without criticism.
So we are being compassionate with ourselves, as we observe our thoughts and feelings we realise that some will be negative and unpleasant, it is easy here to start to feel worse about this or feel ashamed. However we must remember it is perfectly normal to have these thoughts, they are a combination of memories we have processed or a thought pattern we have developed.
Our minds are designed to do this, so as we are being mindful we need to remember to not judge ourselves or our thoughts. Sometimes a brief moment of sadness, anger or anxiety can end up tipping is onto a bad mood. So we can learn to recognise these as they arise and let them stay for a while, but purely inquisitively observing them and then letting them go.
This helps us become patient and compassionate with ourselves, and dissolve some of these negative patterns and discover underneath a sense of happiness and peace.
If you would like to find more information and practises on mindfulness and meditation go to my website:

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