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Mindfulness concept – living in the now

So mindfulness is the concept of placing our attention and awareness in the present moment.
Have you ever noticed how much of your attention is on either things that have happened in the past, or things that you are worrying may or may not happen in the future. Both of these kind of thoughts often lead to feelings of stress and anxiety. By taking our attention away from the present moment we also drain a lot of our life force energy.
So to be mindful we are consciously becoming aware of the present moment, we are being in the now, meeting and observing everything that is happening for us right now. This includes the thoughts we are thinking, the emotions we are feeling and the sensations our body is experiencing.
Take our thoughts for example, practising mindfulness we become aware that our thoughts come and go of their own accord and more importantly that we are not our thoughts. As we sit and learn to be resent we see that as these thoughts come and go, we have a choice as to if we act on them or not. Being mindful gives us the power to desire which thoughts are important and which are not. This helps us to take a step back and see the separation between our thoughts and our awareness. Our awareness of them, this is where we practise mindfulness, seeing our thoughts like a film on a blank screen. Our awareness is the blank screen, and our thoughts the movie.
So take the time to be present and observe your thoughts, knowing that you are not them, you are the awareness that is watching them.
If you would like to find more information and practises on mindfulness and meditation go to my website:

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