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Mandarin Essential Oil

Today we are going to look at the therapeutic properties of Mandarin essential oil. Citrus oils are always very popular because they have a fresh, uplifting aroma, but the health benefits run much deeper than just smelling nice. So lets find out more about Mandarin.

An Overview

Citrus oils are from the antiseptic range of oils, which makes the not oil great for health and wellbeing but useful in cleaning products. They have a fresh, clean smell and can help kill germs and bacteria from floors and work surfaces. The benefit of essential oils is that they do not contain nasty chemicals, that said care needs to be taken with animals in the home. Mandarin is safe for use around dogs, but require caution with cats. To make a home-based cleaner fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of essential oils, Mandarin can be combined with others such as tea tree and lavender to create a home disinfectant spray. 

Wound Wash

If you cut yourself, you become immediately susceptible to bacteria. When you clean things like grazed knees and other small injuries you can use a diluted Mandarin solution. The properties help to form a protective layer over the wound and help to promote the naturally healing process of the body. Obviously, if the injury is deep, you should be using primary medical care rather than essential oils. Once the wound has healed enough, you could start using the wash to aid healing further. 


Mandarin is also a really useful antispasmodic. This means it is helpful in helping to soothe coughs and also stomach cramps. For the relief of coughs, you can add a few drops of Mandarin to a diffuser and allow the benefits to permeate the room. For stomach cramps dilute Mandarin in a carrier oil and massage clockwise on the stomach, then add a hot water bottle and rest. 

Getting Rid of Toxins

Many conditions are improved by removing toxins from the body. Gout, arthritis and acne are just a few examples. Mandarin can help remove toxins from the body and allow them to exit via natural waste methods. Again a massage using Mandarin oil could be beneficial here, as well as diffusing into the room to enable the benefits to reach all home user - but again please do not disperse Mandarin if you have cats in the home. 

Other Uses

Mandarin has a range of other healing properties and can be used to help reduce the appearance of scarring and stretch marks. Obviously, a massage oil would be best for this as we do not recommend using oils neat on the skin. Remember that no oils should be taken internally. Occasionally Mandarin has been reporting to have a photo-toxicity effect on some skins, so always test a small area with your massage oils first before using on a broader basis. The smell of mandarin is thought to be uplifting so it can also help with feeling blue and out of sorts. 

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