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Essential Oils for Arachnids (Arachnophobia)

Arachnophobia is one of the most common fears in the world. The fear of spiders is something that terrifies many people. In the UK we have very few spiders that can actually hurt is, so it really does boil down to just not liking them. However, remember the phobias are irrational fears so while it might seem funny if someone you know is scared of spiders being helpful rather than teasing them is better as it really is not something people can control. We can ration that spiders are tiny and cannot hurt us, sounding all confident when just talking about them, but coming face to face with one in our bed at 2 am ia a whole different story and utterly terrifying. Can essential oils help you repel spiders, so there is less chance of having them in your home? Well, the good news is yes, it is believed that there are certain oils that will keep creepy crawlies at bay - so lets take a closer look.

Natural Pest Control 

First of all, we have to consider our environment. While we might be scared of 8 legged insects, we also share our homes with children and pets. Not to mention our own health. This means harsh chemical treatments and poisons are potentially lethal. The good thing about essential oils, as we already know, is when used correctly they are much safer. Kinder to the environment and when used in the ways suggested below unlikely to harm pets or importantly little children. At the same time, they still do the job of keeping spiders at bay. 

Which Oils and Why?

  • Citrus Oils
  • Tea Tree
  • Peppermint 
  • Lavender 
  • Neem 

The one thing that these oils all have in common is their antiseptic properties. We have previously discussed how these can be used in home cleaning products so if you have been using those you have been inadvertently keeping spiders at bay, but we are going to look at a specific way to target the issue. Sadly there is no guarantee with any of these remedies, but the smell of each of these oils is known and proven to be something our creepy friends do not like. You need to keep the treatments up and make a regular once a week type visit with your spray bottle (details below) to win the bug war. A pleasant side effect is that ants and other insects will stay away, and of course, some of these oils smell delicious and fresh.  

So How To Use Them?

First of all, you will need a spray bottle; we suggest the 500 ml size is perfect. Now, half fill with water, and add 6/7 drops of three oils listed above. Pick your favourite ones or mix two different bottles with a different concoction to create a change of smell from time to time! Top the bottle up with water and shake well. Always give the bottle a shake before use as things can separate when left standing. Now, spray edges and corners, along with the floor, upon the windowsills and around door frames. Anywhere our beastie friends can access your home. Repeat once or twice a week.
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