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Essential Oil Introduction

Do you love the smell of fresh lemons? Do you stop to smell the flowers? Then you are already harnessing the incredible power of essential oils.

Essential oils are extracted from plants and are the smells that you would associate with them. Have you walked passed a lavender bush and breathed in the intoxicating scent? That is the basis of essential oils, and they open up a wonderful world of therapy and healing that is chemical free and gentle on the body.

Falling under the umbrella of aromatherapy, we harness specific oils for their amazing properties. There are many ways to use essential oils, and it is essential to learn how to use them safely so that you can truly harness the therapeutic properties that they offer. Depending on the plant needed the oils are extracted from different parts, sometimes the leaves, or the petals, sometimes the berries or the wood, wherever we have learned to get to the best stuff!

How we get the oils changes from plant to plant too, for example when it comes to citrus fruits and cold pressed techniques is employed, whereas may others harness the steam distillation process. Either way after processing we are left with 100% pure oil that is perfect for essential oil use. There are lots of rules and regulations that we comply with to ensure that we are getting only the most refined of products to our customers, and our manufacturing partner adheres to these standards as well.

Using essential oils is something we love to teach. Most oils need to be diluted for use, such is their power, and this is done in a variety of ways. If you are going to apply them directly to the skin, we recommend a plant-based oil. Known as a carrier oil, this enables you to harness the healing properties in the form of massage or body oil. If you have a candle oil burner or if you have an electric diffuser these are also a great way to get the properties of the oils out into your home. Essential oils are used in a range of skin care products, but with a little knowledge of them, you can make these at home, which gives you full control over the ingredients and means you do not need any skin nasties in them.

The use of essential oils is both physical and emotional. Some oils are good for healing skin, whereas others can lift and change the mood due to the powerful pheromones found within them. Studies and testimonies have shown that essential oils can lift depression, lessen anxiety and boost concentration in conditions like exams. In the air, they are also capable of combatting bacteria and viruses, and equally could be diluted into a cleansing spray for door handles, surfaces, and hands.

One thing we do not recommend is using the oils internally. We do not endorse anyone drinking or eating essential oils. There are lots of wonderfully skilled aromatherapists who can provide correct advice on use, and our blog also contains much information about how to use them on the body and in the home.
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