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Our final chakra, the seventh is our Crown Chakra. It is located at the top of our head, and it is our connection to the universe.

This chakra governs our consciousness and thought, along with our understanding and realisations. It also relates to our experience of the mind. Our mind processes our thoughts and creates our belief systems. From this place we create our own reality. So, our crown chakra has a part to play in manifestation, and what we attract into our lives.

If our crown chakra is not functioning well or is blocked in some way then we may feel disconnected from god, our higher self or the universe. Are you struggling with a lack of purpose, or do you feel you have lost connection with your values or morals; this can lead to a sense of depression or apathy. Take some time to work on your crown chakra and your connection with life.

Our Crown Chakra is aligned with the colour purple and the element of fire.


Ways in which you can help your Crown Chakra are: 


  • To use the colour purple wear it, surround yourself with it
  • Visualise the colour purple
    • Mindfulness is a great way to work on this chakra, observe your thoughts, focus on the present moment and what is happening for you
  • Meditation is a powerful way to balance this chakra


The Essential oils that benefit your crown chakra are:


You can purchase all these at Mood Essential Oils.  


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