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All About Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine is a delicate but powerful oil that has a beautiful range of therapeutic uses, but many people are unaware of what it can do and how it can be used. In this blog, we are going to investigate jasmine and share the many things it can help with.

What is Jasmine

You may have seen the plant Jasmine as it grows well in most countries and climates. Originally from North Africa, it now grows across Asia, Africa and parts of Europe. It is a climbing plant that has pretty yellow or white flowers. The oil, in this case, is extracted from the blossom and you need a significant amount of flowers to get enough oil. So it can be one of the more expensive oils as producing it is not an easy task. Once refined you are left with a super concentrated oil and, as we know when working with essential oils just one or two drops are needed. It has a gentle floral fragrance that is often described as exotic and warming.

A Female Oil 

Jasmine is a good oil for a woman as it has a great many benefits to the female reproductive system. For menstrual issues, Jasmine can help to relieve the pain of periods as well as helping to regulate a cycle. Mix with a carrier oil and massage in a clockwise direction into the stomach and lower back then warm with a hot water bottle or heat pad. In childbirth there is also a place for this amazing oil, it is believed that once more the pain relieving properties will kick in and it will actually help to ensure that the delivery is quicker than without. Perhaps if the hospital will allow consider having a diffuser in the room with Jasmine and other suitable oils. Jasmine continues to be useful after birth as it can help with feelings of baby blues and post natal depression as well as being great to improve stretch mark fade. 

In the Bedroom 

For couples, Jasmine can also be used as an aphrodisiac, generate feelings of emotional attraction and love. This can also help with issues around sexual performance, so again this is an excellent place to use Jasmine in a diffuser, so it permeates the room - or as a massage oil to aid intimacy.  

Anxiety Busting 

For those who might be feeling stressed, scared or anxious, Jasmine can also offer a robust emotion support. It has an uplifting effect on the mind and can help you to feel more confident. This could be useful in the case of exams, so in this case, having a couple of drops on a tissue to inhale could be a really great way to support this stressful situation.  

Winter Bugs

Or coughs and colds of any kind. The properties of Jasmine have been shown to be helpful with soothing a cough and easing the pain of a sore throat - again we do not endorse taking essential oils internally, but this is an excellent place for inhaling with steam and a few drops of oil. 

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