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Vetiver Essential Oil 10ml

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Vetiver Essential Oil   
Benefits to the mind and spirit:  
Psychologically grounding and calming
Balances the central nervous system and reduces stress
Cleanse and strengthen your aura
Aphrodisiac properties
Benefits to the physical body:     
Balances female hormones through menopause
Anti inflammatory and helps rheumatism and arthritis
Beneficial to the skin especially for aging and stretch marks
Is a tonic for the reproductive system

Botanical Name  
Vetiveria zizanoides / Andropogon muricatus

Earthy, musky and smoky

Extraction Method  
Steam distilled
Plant Detail   ​
Vetiver is derived from a scented grass native to India. The oil is
extracted from the roots of this plant, which belongs to the same family
as citronella, lemongrass and palmarosa.

Origin and History   
Vetiver is known as 'the oil of tranquillity', due to its calming action. In the
past it has been called 'moth root', due to its moth repellent properties.
In Calcutta the grass is known as 'kus-kus' and blinds, sunshades and
awnings were made from it.
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