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Vanilla Fragrance Oil

The vanilla scent is one of the world's most widely recognized aromas. It has been utilized in scented products such as candles and soaps for thousands of years. The nuanced scent is welcoming and pleasant. It is a staple ingredient in many mixtures of fragrance and essential oil.

Botanical Name

Vanilla Planifolia




Woody, Oriental and Gourmand

Extraction Method

Steam Distillation or Dry Distillation


The Vanilla plant is native to Central and Mexico. Vanillin is the key chemical component in vanilla. Madagascar and Mexico are the biggest producers of vanilla products.

Plant Description

It is easy to determine the vanilla vine plant with its stunning yellow orchids. Once the flowering season is over, seedpods take the place of these flowers. The vanilla pods look like long beans leading to the term ' vanilla bean. '

Such seed pods are collected and then subjected to various methods of extraction to make vanilla items.

Vanilla Extract

The vanilla pods are crushed and then dissolved in a solution of alcohol. The mixture is aged for different amounts of time and the whole cycle may last for months. Vanilla extract will have a 35 percent ethanol volume level. In processing each gallon of the material must also use at least 13.35 ounces of vanilla bean seed pods as well.

Uses and Benefits

Vanilla perfume is listed in the fragrance industry as woody, oriental, and gourmand. Vanilla offers smooth comfort and gentle finish rendering it an ideal base layer in perfumes.

Vanilla blends well with sweet orange, tangerine, and lemon citrus oils. It also enhances essential oils such as rose's floral nature Vanilla evens aromatic oils like ylang-ylang and black pepper from the piquant tip.

Absolute Vanilla can only be used topically or in scenting. Vanilla Spice Fragrance Oil combines perfectly the soothing, warm aroma of vanilla with spicy, citrusy and earthy notes to create a unique and complex fragrance that both men and women can love.