Sweet Almond Oil 100ml Natural Massage Carrier Oil Cold Pressed 100% Pure

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Sweet Almond Oil Natural Massage and Carrier Oil

What is sweet almond oil?

Sweet almond oil is the oil obtained from sweet almonds by cold pressing, which means that no heat is used in the process and therefore the sweet almond oil contains all of it's natural nutrients, so they can benefit your skin.

What should I use my sweet almond oil for?

  • Sweet almond oil is a fantastic ingredient in a moisturising recipe
  • Sweet almond oil is a great choice for a massage oil, as it can help to soothe and relax stressed muscles
  • In a hair treatment, sweet almond oil dissolves dandruff effectively

How does sweet almond oil work?

Sweet almond oil is high in Vitamin A, B and E which are great for skin health. Almond oil also contains plant phenols which can offer your skin protection from damage. Sweet almond oil also contains omega-3 fatty acids which can help to support the immune system and energy levels, and also sweet almond oil contains magnesium which is thought to be used by the body to help protect against the process of ageing.