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Rosewood Essential Oil

Rosewood oil, specifically in perfumery, is a beneficial essential oil. It includes material linalool, which has several uses. Aromatically, it has a slight yet surprisingly sweet, woody, fruity aroma with a floral scent.

Rosewood essential oil, known scientifically as Aniba Rosaeodora, is extracted from the wood of the rosewood tree. This tree is often confused with real rosewood trees that are part of the genus of Dalbergia and are commonly used for making furniture and chopsticks.

Botanical Name

Method of Extraction

Steam Distilled

Plant Part Typically Used



Clear to Pale Yellow



Aromatic Description

Rosewood Essential Oil smells sweet, woody, fruity and floral.


The oil is collected from the woodland of Aniba rosaeodora and Aniba parviflora and likely other types of Aniba. When it hits the distillery, the wood is chipped and then processed by steam. By the weight of wood, any tree produces about 1 percent of the oil.

Following a history of massive over-harvesting and degradation of species, efforts are being made to grow A. Rosaeodora and the growth of leaf extraction methods for essential oil.

Comes from/History

Rosewood derives from the tree of the same name that is indigenous to the Brazilian rainforests. This flexible tree is native to Brazil and Peru and belongs to the Lauraceae family of plants, which contains many wood scents such as cinnamon and cassia.

Uses and Benefits

  • Rosewood essential oil can be used without any negative side effects on all skin types, including dry and oily skin.
  • Many common applications involve aromatherapy in which a few drops of peace and calming are applied to a diffuser.
  • Simply mix a few strong essential oils in a spray bottle for insect repellant.
  • You could remove odors in your home by applying a few drops of rosewood to your diffuser to produce an all-natural air freshener.